Discover the Science Behind Topical Probiotic Skincare

Probiotic Skincare Challenge

Probiotic Skincare Challenge

Spend $2,000 in GLOWBIOTICS MD Probiotic Skincare Hydrators and receive an additional $2,000 in GLOWBIOTICS MD Probiotic Hydrators.

A Probiotic For Every Skin Type

Calm After the Storm CALM AFTER THE STORM Gentle Probiotic Hydrating Lotion Skin Concerns:
Sensitive Skin, Rosacea Prone, Diffused Redness, Shaving Issues, Post Procedure & Hormonally Challenged Skin
Calm After the Storm FUTURE IS BRIGHT Probiotic Brightening Renewal Lotion Skin Concern:
Hyperpigmented Skin &
Overall Skin Brightening
Calm After the Storm MYHERO Probiotic Firming + Replenishing Lotion Skin Concern:
Combination Skin, Sagging Skin & Hormonally Challenged Skin
Calm After the Storm LET ME CLARIFY Probiotic Rebalancing Oil Absorbing Lotion Skin Concern:
Acne Prone Skin
Calm After the Storm YOUTH OVERNIGHT Probiotic Multi-Brightening Anti-Aging Cream Skin Concern:
Aging & Dehydrated Skin
Calm After the Storm MYHERO Probiotic Moisture Rich Age Reversal Cream Skin Concern:
Dry Skin, Dehydrated Skin & Sagging Skin

Added Bonus: Any $2,000+ order placed before the end of the year will receive 20% off!

The Challenge:

Help your patients discover the power of topical probiotics by running a Probiotic Skincare Challenge in your practice for 60 days. Your patients will be able to participate in a buy one hydrator, get one free promotion. In addition to that, your patients will also receive a 20% bounce back coupon to use on their next hydrator purchase. (Complimentary 20% bounce back coupons, promotional flyer and patient email provided.)

The Benefits to your patients:

  • Enhances the performance of ANY skincare routine
  • Repairs their skin without triggering typical inflammation or injuring the skin
  • Get two hydrators for the price of one + exclusive discounts!

The Benefits to your practice:

  • A new revenue stream through the incorporation of new probiotic technology that meets the needs of skin types/conditions/concerns that can be added to any current skincare routine.
  • A probiotic skincare product for every skin type/condition/concern.
  • Business sell-through strategies to drive additional revenue into your practice.